Drug testing kits available to parents


Switzerland County Sheriff Nathan Hughes and Chief Deputy Brian Morton have announced a partnership with Switzerland County Probation officer Jeff Theetge to provide free drug test kits to local parents.

The test kits can be obtained by local parents and guardians from the Sheriff’s Office or the Probation Department and are processed through Witham Toxicology Laboratories for a small processing fee of $16.

“There are a variety of drug testing kits available in stores,” Sheriff Hughes said, “however, the processing procedure with our kits is performed by a professional toxicology lab and tests for a large variety of drugs; including those that are trending in our area.”

The sheriff said that special requests can be made at the time of testing to target specific drugs. The test can be performed at home by the parent or guardian. The kit comes with instructions and free shipping to the lab.

Witham Toxicology will contact the parent or guardian to discuss the test, and to explain the results. The results are given confidentially to the parent or guardian, and are never shared with school officials or law enforcement.

“We encourage you to help us in the fight against drug use, and urge parents to take advantage of this opportunity to test privately for suspected drug use,” Sheriff Hughes said. “These test kits can give parents and guardians peace of mind to know that their children are drug free.

For more information or to reserve a kit, contact Chief Deputy Brian Morton at (812) 427-3636 or Chief Probation Officer Jeff Theetge at (812) 427-4450.