Driveway, sign approved by BZA


The Rising Sun Board of Zoning Appeals vote 3 to 1 in favor of a new driveway and sign submitted by the Rising sun Church of Christ at its meeting Tuesday, Sept. 12th at city hall.

Sam Fox, chairman of the church board, presented the specifications to the board.

The driveway (which must still receive approval from the Indiana Department of Transportation) will serve as an entrance to the church from High Street. The church is located at 430 Fifth Street with entrance to the facility off Fifth Street.

The church recently acquired property at 315 North High Street. Plans are to tear down the structure

In addition to a driveway (entrance only) a sign will be erected. The sign will be programmable, scrolling and digital.

Amy Hoffman, a High Street neighbor, spoke in opposition to the driveway and the affect the sign would have.

When it was time to vote, secretary Dee Dee Brown abstained as a member of the church. Board member Debbie Thomason (also a church member) did not vote. As an appointment by the plan commission, the plan commission chose to appoint Kevin Smith their representative on the issue.

Brown is a mayor’s appointment but nobody was named in her place.

Joining Smith in voting yes were Delena Hannan and Gary Forwood.

BZA chairman Bob White voted against the plan saying it was an R1 district. White voted against the sign after the board attorney advised that approval could open the door for future sign issues.

Of the criteria examined, White wasn’t sure the project would help property values.

The board’s approval came with conditions, according to city planner Mike Northcutt.

White reported that there will be four foot shrubs. Another condition is the hours of operation. The sign must be off from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

In other business, a pole barn variance was approved for Greg Duvall at 120 Fourth Street.

Also, Jerald Obertate was given approval for an addition to the back of his building at 211 Fifth Street.