Drive responsibly


To the Editor:

When there are real problems we need real solutions. What can we do to promote safe highways? Speed limits are guides. What is safe at 55 mph in good weather in daylight, with good road conditions, is far too fast at night, especially during inclement weather.

Switzerland County is a wonderful rural county. I believe that Route 56 is a designated scenic bicycle route. The Amish and others ride bicycles. the Amish have horse drawn buggies. Our farmers haul crops and often large farm equipment moves at very slow speeds. School buses make many stops. Deer crossings are everywhere. Often, there are motorcyclists, recreation vehicles, and trailers on the highway. There are many senior citizen drivers who drive slower and more cautiously. Big rigs (not supposed to come up Vevay Hill) can be awesome on a two lane road.

The Amish, farmers, bicyclists and motorists all have a right to use the highway.

With the monies spent on highways, could there be bicycle and buggy lanes? We need signs, alerting drivers that there are Amish buggies on the road. I would hope law enforcement would be more visible, to slow the traffic.

Long before our Amish neighbors came there have been far too many accidents. Speed and alcohol are often the cause.

If we all drive responsibly and courteously, we will assure safety on the highway, as much as possible.

Rita Vannatter

Near Vevay