Dr. Frede wins award from IRHA


In the movie “Doc Hollywood”, a character played by Michael J. Fox is a doctor on his way to a large practice in a big city when he ends up stranded in a small, country town. By the end of the movie, the doctor decides that his heart is in the small town, so he forgoes the big city and settles down in the community.

That movie is the inspiration behind the “Doc Hollywood Award” that is presented by the Indiana Rural Health Association – and this year’s winner is Dr. Scott Frede of the Switzerland County Medical Building.

The award cited Dr. Frede’s continued dedication toward improving the health of families in this rural community; and reminds everyone that quality healthcare is a key component in an individual’s physical and mental health.

Here in Switzerland County, Dr. Frede serves as both a pediatrician and internal medicine specialist. He is a member of the King’s Daughters’ Hospital and Health Services medical staff, and was nominated for the award by registered nurse Janet Chorpenning.

In her letter of nomination, Janet Chorpenning wrote:

“Dr. Frede is located in one of Indiana’s very rural counties. He also serves as the Switzerland County Health Officer, and has a collaborative agreement with the Family Nurse Practitioner, who practices out of the Health Department.

“Dr. Frede has been observed as being extremely conscientious in his medical practice. He has been known to stay at the hospital during the night hours when he has a patient whose physical status is assessed as very tenuous.

“He took the initiative to schedule a meeting for the purpose of bringing the county’s Emergency Management Team together. One of the aspects which Dr. Frede emulates is the role that the “Rural Country Doctor” exemplifies, where the doctor would sit and talk with the patients, and would go to or be with them when the need was there.”