Dow Corning awards grant to aid SCHS science students


The Dow Corning Foundation, through its Carrollton plant, has awarded a grant to Switzerland County High School in the amount of $4,385 to be used to purchase equipment and supplies for science classes.

The grant was written by teacher Bonnie Fancher, and the funds will be used in the Integrated Chemistry/Physics class that is taken by freshman students at the high school.

Switzerland County High School developed the Integrated Chemistry/Physics (ICP) class in 2005-20066 for all freshman science students. The class was designed by the science department with hopes of engaging all freshmen with a hands-on laboratory-oriented class in the basics of chemistry and physics.

Students are involved in investigations, problem solving, data analysis and conceptual learning of science and math principles, according to Bonnie Fancher.

“Switzerland County High School hopes to interest students in taking further advanced courses in chemistry and physics and to develop students with a sufficient background so they can successfully pursue higher studies and apply their learning to future careers,” Bonnie Fancher said. “This course is an Indiana Core 40 course with state developed standards. The class has been underway for 1 1/2 years.”

Dow Corning was supportive of the development of the class with a grant of $5,000 when it first got underway; and now further defined needs for student equipment and supplies has been supported by the Dow Corning Foundation with a new grant of $4,385.

The new funds will allow additional hands-on experiences in understanding science and math.

The grant was presented to Bonnie Fancher, high school principal Candis Haskell, and superintendent Tracy Caddell during a luncheon held this past Friday. Representing Dow Corning was D. Scott Niswonger, Carrollton Site Manager; Charles Dennis, Community and Government Relations; and Steve Crabtree, Switzerland County resident and employee of Dow Corning.

Teacher Brian Ford will also working to acquire the additional equipment for the Integrated Chemistry/Physics students with the funds.