Democrats elect Donna Graham


The Democratic party in the town of Vevay elected Donna Graham as its candidate for Vevay Clerk-Treasurer at last Thursday’s town caucus.

She will now face Republican Gayle Sullivan in the November 8th election.

The town caucus process replaces a primary election; and allows each political party to meet in a convention-style format. Candidates are given time to make speeches, and then those who are registered for the caucus elect their slate of candidates by paper ballot.

The caucuses elect three candidates for town council and one candidate for town clerk-treasurer.

For the Vevay Town Council election and also the Patriot Town Council election neither the Democrats or the Republicans had more than three candidates for their caucuses; and Patriot did not have a contested race for clerk-treasurer; so there was no need to hold a caucus.

But in Vevay, the Democrats did have a contested race for clerk-treasurer, where incumbent Donna Graham was challenged by Missy Jackson – making the caucus necessary.

County Democratic chairman Mike Jones opened the caucus, reminding everyone that the caucus process was one of the oldest ways of electing candidates. He then introduced town Democratic chairman Tom Conroy, who ran the caucus.

After the rules were officially adopted, each of the three candidates for Vevay Town Council were given the opportunity to speak; and candidates Pete Furnish, Jamie Hayes, and Keith Smith all spoke about the need to track where money is being spent; where the money goes; and who the money is benefiting.

The three previously served together on the town council for a four-year period.

Following those comments, each of the town clerk-treasurer candidates were allowed to speak to the delegation.

Donna Graham told those assembled that she’s been clerk-treasurer for 28 years; and has worked with the three town council candidates in the past and felt that they would all make a good team in the coming years.

Missy Jackson stated that she has lived in Vevay for the past seven years; and has 20 years experience in bookkeeping and office management.

Tom Conroy then called for nominations; and Cheryl Dixon nominated Donna Graham, seconded by Danny Turner.

Missy Jackson was nominated by Gladys Lucas, seconded by Cheryl McMillan.

Each of the members of the delegation were then called to the front of the courtroom by caucus officials – Jefferson II voters first and then Jefferson I – where they were given a paper ballot.

The turnout was slight, due mainly to the lack of contested races for the town council seats: and after the ballots were counted, Tom Conroy announced that Donna Graham had won by a 35-16 margin.


Here are the other candidates for election in the towns of Vevay and Patriot for the fall election.

– On the Republican ballot in Vevay, there are two candidates for town council: Incumbent Kirk Works and Josh South.

– On the Republican ballot for Vevay Clerk-Treasurer, Gayle Sullivan is the only candidate.

– In the town of Patriot, there are three candidates in the Democratic caucus for the three seats: Robert L. Robinson, Mike Thomas, and Gordon Wayne Turner, Jr.

– Incumbent Democrat Clerk-Treasurer Linda Sue Fisk is running unopposed for reelection.

– There are no Republican filings in Patriot.