Deeply sorry


To the Editor:

My previous Letter to the Editor was not meant to hurt anyone, only to discuss public safety and to protect “buggies” from other forms of travel on State Road 56 and State Road 129.

Highway 129 has “buggy traffic” signs and they tell visitors to use care around our lovely Amish families, like I personally do. Why doesn’t Highway 56 have these same signs. The new Amish arrivals and the added (diverted) traffic on Highway 56 has put our (meaning everyone, especially Amish) at a greater risk of accidental harm. Visitors may not be reading this newspaper.

We need to solve this issue by protecting our Amish, and everyone, from harm. The reality, not the emotions, of the facts are we are failing to protect all slow moving vehicles. We hit deer constantly — right? So visitors know deer are here — they don’t slow down. A horse scared by a charging semi (air brakes) may spook wildly. It scares me. I see Amish children’s faces when we travel our heavy cars up behind them. It hurts to know they may be at risk.

In the State of Ohio they put in “buggy lanes” and developed alternate forms of travel assistance for the Amish. We (all of us) are spending $18 million to straighten curves out on Highway 129. This will cause more speeding in reality terms. Why did Indiana not add another lane? Amish and others travel this highway often, with the interstate traffic crossing through, the “race fans” coming directly through, the direct travel to the casino and the reality of Kentucky factory semis traveling north you probably can expect a “faster pace” attempted on Highway 129.

A bicycle is hard to expect on rolling hills. Why not at least place a warning sign? I think it’s neat to see the Amish on our roads and everyone exercising on bikes. Visitors won’t stay focused as well traveling the wide open spaces.

I am so very, very sorry my phrases and words and my intentions were so different from my questions. I travel in the big cities and “outside” drivers drive a different way than us. I drive slow to them. I have taken the time to actually research the “Amish ways” and totally respect their culture. Have you learned the truth and put away the “stereotypes” and “false statements?” Amish stopped the clock on this crazy modern fast paced world of ours, everybody’s. We should be proud of them and need to help protect their families.

Please, may everyone forgive my stupidity in my statements and questions. I will shut up now.

Abe Hall

Mount Sterling