Dearborn County Hospital’s ‘Health Made Better Together’


Dearborn County Hospital has initiated a new marketing campaign, Health Made Better, Together, which encompasses not just the hospital, but the community as a whole.

“We want our new slogan and marketing campaign to serve a purpose, not just be a catchy phrase or look good on a billboard. It has to have significance in what we are working to achieve, both in the hospital and in our community,” explained Roger D. Howard, Dearborn County Hospital President/CEO.

“Health Made Better, Together is, in a sense, a call to action for all of us to work together to make our region a better and more healthy place to live, work and play,” he continued. “It can apply to our hospital internally, in the way we work and communicate with each other, however, the real emphasis is on how we interact with the community at large. Our DCH logo not only stands for Dearborn County Hospital but also for doctors, plus the community and the hospital. Health Made Better, Together is just a continuation of this line of thinking.

“When you examine the many aspects of health, safety and well-being in our communities, you come to realize that it takes a team of individuals and organizations, working cooperatively, to effectively raise the bar on both healthcare and wellness. As a hospital, we need to work not only with our physicians but also with our EMS, fire and law enforcement departments, educational systems, health departments, local governments and disaster preparedness agencies, as well as area businesses, churches, clubs and other organizations. They in turn, need to be receptive and supportive of the hospital’s work and mission, so that together we can achieve a higher level of overall health and wellness. In other words, Health Made Better, Together.”

DCH initiated the new campaign with a celebration where all hospital and DCH Physician Partners employees and Auxilians received a complimentary Health Made Better, Together T-shirt. Posters, elevator wraps and other signage depicting the new brand are displayed prominently throughout the hospital campus and DCH Physician Partners offices. In addition, the message will soon be seen on billboards throughout the region, as well as in newspaper ads and other marketing materials. The Health Made Better, Together campaign is the result of the combined efforts of the DCH Marketing team and Ten Adams creative services.