Deadline passes: ballots are set for county’s May 5th primary election


The deadline for candidates to file for Switzerland County offices and run in the primary election passed last Friday, February 7th — and now those candidates will get to work trying to convince voters that they should move on to the November general election.

  This year’s Primary Election — where each party will select their candidates for the General Election — will be held on Tuesday, May 5th.

  Here’s a look at the candidates who have filed for each party:


  • County Commissioner, District One: Incumbent Republican Josh South has chosen not to seek re-election; so his seat will be contested in the Republican primary by Grant Dean and Christopher Clerkin.

  • County Commissioner, District Two: Incumbent Jerry Monjar has filed for re-election; and he will be opposed in the primary election by Melissa Brush and Ivan Green.

  • County Council At Large: (Each party will nominate up to three candidates) Incumbents Lisa Fisher and Andy Haskell have filed for re-election; and Randall Leap is the third Republican candidate, so those three will now move on to the November election.

  • County Coroner: Incumbent Clinton Earls is unopposed for re-election in the primary.

  • County Treasurer: former auditor Gayle Rayles and current member of the treasurer’s office Rene Stewart will face off in the Republican primary.

  • County Recorder: Dawn Naylor, former member of the Vevay Town Council, is the lone Republican in the primary for the office of County Recorder.

  • County Surveyor: There will be a contested primary race for the office of County Surveyor, as incumbent Brian McAllister is opposed by Samuel Girod.

  • Republicans will also elect Precinct Committeemen this election season. Filing for the offices are: Samuel Girod in Cotton 1 Precinct; Jacqueline Washnock in Craig 1 Precinct; Randy Leap in Craig 2 Precinct; August W. Dauel in Jefferson 2 Precinct; Debra R. Turner in Jefferson 3 Precinct; James ‘Jim’ Phipps in Pleasant 1 Precinct; Kay Cook in Posey 1 Precinct; Jill Hutcherson in Posey 2 Precinct;and Steven Jones-Ellard in York Precinct.

  • Filing to represent Switzerland County at the Indiana Republican State Convention as delegates are: August W. Dauel, Lisa Fisher, Steven Jones-Ellard, and Debra R. Turner.


 • County Commissioner, District Two: Lane Armstrong is unopposed for the party nomination in the Primary Election.

 • County Recorder: Incumbent Nancy Brown Barker is a candidate for re-election.

 • County Council At Large: (Each party will nominate up to three candidates) As with the Republican slate, since three Democrats filed, all will move on to be considered in the General Election in November. Those candidates include incumbent Rachel Bladen Schuler; along with Jason Scudder and Mindy Ellegood Turner.

  • Brian Craig has filed for the Democratic nomination to serve as County Surveyor. He is unopposed for his party’s nomination.

  • Switzerland Circuit Court Judge: Greg Coy has filed with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office.


  This year, the following offices and position are up for election:

  — Judge of the Switzerland Circuit Court. Greg Coy currently hold this office.

  — County Recorder. Nancy Barker is the current Recorder.

  — County Treasurer. Vicki James is the current Treasurer.

  — County Coroner. Clinton Earls is the current Coroner.

  — County Surveyor. Brian McAllister is the current Surveyor.

  — County Commissioner, District One, which represents Jefferson 1,2, and 3 precincts; and Craig 1 and 2 precincts. Josh South currently holds this office.

  — County Commissioner, District Two, which represents Posey 1 and 2 precincts; and York Township. Jerry Monjar currently holds this office.

  — County Council At Large: these three people can be elect from any area of the county, and work with the four members of the County Council who are elected to represent particular areas of the county. Currently: Lisa Fisher, Andy Haskell, and Rachel Schuler hold these three positions.


  There are offices up for election that do not have a candidate for each party’s Primary Election.

  Those slots on the November General Election ballot may be filled by party leaders. Each party must fill those empty slots — should they choose to do so — by Tuesday, June 30th. Those names must then be turned into the Clerk’s office to be officially placed on the ballot no later than noon on Monday, July 6th.


  Switzerland County Clerk of Courts Gayle Sullivan said that the window is now open for those who would like to register to vote in the upcoming election. If they have not already done so, citizens may register to vote until Monday, April 6th. The window to register to vote will reopen after the primary election on Tuesday, May 19th.

  Anyone having any questions should contact Meagan Kilborn, Voter Registration/Election Deputy, in the Switzerland County Clerk’s Office, (812) 427-4422.