David Todd steps down as boys varsity basketball coach after six seasons


As he stood at last Thursday night’s winter sports awards program and handed out plaques to members of his Sectional champion basketball team; Pacer coach David Todd knew that a secret that he had kept from nearly everyone for a year was about to be told.

The following morning he gathered his team together and told them that he was stepping down as the varsity basketball coach, and that announcement sent shock waves around the entire county.

“I didn’t say anything on Thursday night because I wanted the program to be about the kids,” David Todd said. “They had a tremendous season and they deserved to stand up there and get the applause and stand in the spotlight. That was their night.”

Although his announcement to his team and the school administration was surprising; in reality it was the culmination of a decision that had been made a year ago. David Todd said that he knew going into the season that this would be his last, and few other people knew other than his family and fellow members of his coaching staff.

“That fact that I’ve known about this for a year was something that allowed me to enjoy my final year,” the coach said. “I’ve been able to get comfortable with it during the year. Making the decision early allows you to sit back and enjoy your final season from a different perspective. That was good for me.”

The championship of the Southwestern Sectional made the final season even more sweet, and David Todd also takes a lot of pride in knowing that he’s leaving the team and the entire program in good shape.

“As we look down throughout the program, we should be able to be very competitive in our conference and in our sectional for many years,” the coach said. “That makes me feel good. We’ve got a good staff, and that makes me proud, too.”

The position is currently posted within the school system, and superintendent Tracy Caddell said last Friday that he feels that the school already has qualified candidates within the system, so there is currently not a plan to go outside and look for a coach.

David Todd knows who the next coach should be.

“Brian Bowen has been our junior varsity coach and he knows our players and our players know him,” David Todd said. “Brian is the obvious choice for the job, and he will do a great job. I think that makes it a lot easier on me (Brian Bowen becoming the varsity coach). It’s something that Brian’s been looking forward to for a long time. I get to watch him develop in this new role, and that’s exciting.”

The position will be posted for 21 days within the system, but Brian Bowen is expected to be the only candidate for the job. His elevation to the varsity coaching position will probably come at the April school board meeting.

“I’m very comfortable with Brian, Mark (varsity assistant Mark Boggs), Sean (freshman coach Sean McGarvey), and Adam (volunteer assistant Adam Dennis) right now as a staff,” Coach Todd said. “Continuity will be a big key to this program having success down the road, and we’re in good shape.”

David Todd said that much of his reasoning for stepping away from the program now is his desire to spend more time with wife, Angie, and children Logan and Brooke. He’s already signed up to coach Logan’s baseball team and Brooke’s softball team this summer; and is also looking forward to continuing his affiliation with the YMCA and intramural programs.

He’s also looking forward to focusing solely on teaching his high school math classes.

“I’m sure I’ll find something to do,” David Todd said with a smile. “There’s plenty of things to keep me busy.”

With that, he acknowledges that he’s heard all sorts of rumors since last Friday’s announcement — but he has no other job other than teaching math, and he likes that just fine.

“I’ve heard all sorts of stories, and none of that is true,” he said. “I’ve heard all kinds of things, from leaving here for another coaching job to going somewhere as an administrator. I’m a Switzerland County guy and I’m part of the community. I’m going to be right here.”

And what’s he looking forward to the most?

“I’m going to enjoy high school basketball from a different perspective, as a fan,” he said. “I’m going to go to the games and cheer on the players and support them in anyway that I can.”

David Todd just completed his sixth year as the varsity coach here. He had previously spent three years as the Pacer junior varsity coach under Scott Holdsworth; and came to Switzerland County after three years as the jayvee coach at Southwestern under Tye Platt and Dennis Stockdale.

A graduate of Southwestern High School and Indiana University, he began his coaching career as the junior varsity coach at New Washington High School for one year while he did his student teaching.