Damian Breeck: Earlham Quaker


Damian Breeck: Earlham Quaker

  Damian Breeck, the fourth leading scorer all time in Switzerland County boys basketball history, has announced where he will play at the next level.

  The Pacer do everything sharp shooter will take his talents to Richmond, Indiana in the fall, and will be a part of the Earlham College Quakers men’s basketball program.

  “I’m excited,” Breeck said this week. “It was the coach who really made my decision for me. He was really interested in me, and I really liked that.”

  Breeck said that Pacer head coach Adam Dennis sent out film highlighting his season and career right after this year’s season ended, and Quaker coach Joe Scheuers saw a player he liked immediately.

  “He contacted Coach Dennis about me that next day,” Breeck said.

  Breeck said that Coach Scheuers likes to play a style that is very much suited to his strengths.

  “He likes to shoot a lot of threes and play around his guards and bigs,” Damian said. “He said that he likes to get really big guys — 6’8”, 6’9”, 6’10” — and have them play around guys who can shoot the ball.”

  Breeck made an official visit to Earlham recently, but didn’t get to meet any of his future teammates because the campus had been cleared due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. He did, however, meet with Scheuers, and two days later he was signing his official intent to head to Earlham.

  “About six or seven of them (new teammates) have texted me since I signed,” Breeck said.

  At Earlham, Breeck has decided to wait to declare a major until after his sophomore year, taking full advantage of the liberal arts school’s policy of letting students explore a wide variety of areas before declaring a major.

  And he admits that he feels honored that coaches are reaching out with interest in him joining their program.

  “Yes, it really does make you feel good,” he said. “It’s definitely a humbling experience.”

  Breeck said that orientation at Earlham is August 15th — his birthday — with move in day the following day, August 16th. He said that normally there would be summer programs to participate in, but all of that has been shut down due to the pandemic restrictions.

  Another area player on the Quaker roster is incoming senior Conner Hubbard, who played his high school basketball at Jac-Cen-Del, but knee injuries have hampered his collegiate career to this point.

  Breeck is the son of Christian Breeck, and the grandson of Doug and Julie Brown of Moorefield.