Dairy, Dairy Goat, meat and market goat results


The 2017 Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goats took center ring on Tuesday, June 27th followed by the meat and market goat show.

Results included (with class finishes in order) were:


Holstein 4-year-old cow- Nathan Kappes

Grand Champion Dairy – Nathan Kappes

Senior Showmanship – Nathan Kappes

Dairy Goat

LaMancha Doe- Allison Givan

Champion LaMancha- Allison Givan

Nigerian Dwarf Junior Doe- Katelyn Rieman

Champion Nigerian Dwarf- Katelyn Rieman

Nubian Junior Doe- Kora Powell, Kora Powell

Nubian Senior Doe- Kora Powell

Nubian Doe – 3 years and under 5 years- Brandon Birmingham

Champion Nubian- Brandon Birmingham

Reserve Champion Nubian- Kora Powell

Champion Mini Nubian- Brandon Birmingham

Grand Champion Dairy Goat – Brandon Birmingham

Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Goat – Kora Powell

Senior Showman – Kora Powell

Junior Showman – Allison Givan

Exhibition Goat

Grand Champion Exhibition Goat – Katelyn Rieman

Meat Goat Show

Percentage Does – 3 months old to under 6 months of age- Lily Courtney, Jobi Evans, Jobi Evans, Griffin Davis, Camille Hettinger, Allison Steele, Allison Steele

Percentage Does – 6 months old to under 9 months of age- McKenzie Ellegood, Brian Givan, Justin McGraw

Percentage Does – 16 months old to under 20 months of age- Alayna Walcott, Allison Givan

Percentage Does – 24 months to under 36 months of age- Allison Steele

Percentage Does – 36 months old and older- Allison Givan

Champion Percentage Doe – McKenzie Ellegood

Reserve Champion Percentage Doe – Alayna Walcott

Fullblood Does – 3 months old to under 6 months of age- Alayna Walcott, Kora Powell, Cara Ohlmansiek

Fullblood Does 6 months old to under 9 months of age- Ellie Ohlmansiek

Fullblood Does 12 months old to under 16 months of age- McKenzie Ellegood

Fullblood Does 16 months old to under 20 months of age- Alayna Walcott, Brandon Weaver. Cara Ohlmansiek, Ella Ohlmansiek

Champion Fullblood – Alayna Walcott

Reserve Champion Fullblood – Kora Powell

Grand Champion Meat Goat – Alayna Walcott

Reserve Champion Meat Goat – Kora Powell

Champion Homegrown – Alayna Walcott

Boer Goat Mother Daughter- Allison Givan, Brandon McGraw, Allison Steele

Champion Mother Daughter – Allison Givan

Reserve Champion Mother Daughter – Brandon McGraw

Market Goat

Wether 24-32 pounds- Katelyn Rieman, Daisy Lattire

Wether 41-49 pounds- Griffin Davis, Camille Hettinger

Wether 53-54 pounds- Jacob Yauch, Allison Givan, Brandon Birmingham

Wether 55-59 pounds- Allison Steele, William Yauch, Brandon Weaver

Wether 63-69 pounds- Lily Courtney, Brandon McGraw, McKenzie Ellegood, Ashley Yauch, Brian Givan

Wether 77-80 pounds- McKenzie Ellegood, Justin McGraw

Wether 85-92 pounds- Alayna Walcott, Alayna Walcott

Grand Champion Market Goat – Alayna Walcott

Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat – Allison Steele

Champion Homegrown – Alayna Walcott

Senior Showman – Allison Steele, 2nd McKenzie Ellegood

Intermediate Showman – Alayna Walcott

Junior Showman – Allison Givan

Rookie Showman – Lily Courtney