Critically ill, David Hite survives to proclaim ‘God is Alive!’

  This past Friday morning I received a phone call from David Hite. Although we met casually years ago at a Patriot Alumni Banquet, we are pretty much strangers.


  This past Friday morning I received a phone call from David Hite. Although we met casually years ago at a Patriot Alumni Banquet, we are pretty much strangers.

  Not anymore.

  He asked me to come to his home where he could share some thoughts and praises that he had on his heart. When I arrived, he and wife Shirley truly blessed me by sharing their story with me: the story of David’s near-death experience of 11 days in the Dearborn County Hospital Intensive Care Unit and the saving grace of God and David’s promise in return. What a blessing to have David use my journalistic abilities, meager that they are, to convey his message of hope and declaration that “God is alive!”

  Thank you, David for trusting your story to me. How you have blessed me!

  David, 76, and Shirley, 75, are Patriot High School sweethearts and have been married for 57 years. They bought their Posey Township farm in 1968 and have raised three children: Joe Hite, Connie Hite and Gina Fette.

  A little over two weeks ago, David tells of feeling just lousy for about three days. He wasn’t getting any better, so he decided he should go to his doctor. The Naval veteran suffers from COPD, Bronchitis and A-Fib and he has two doctors: Dr. Radu Zidaresco, his pulmonologist and Dr. Ashok Penmetsa, his cardiologist. Dr. Z, as he calls him, immediately admitted him into the hospital. Once there, David took a sudden turn for the worse and his family was told that he had 24-48 hours to live.

  David tells how he prayed and began begging God to “give me another chance and I will work for you.” He said a feeling came over him and he knew his prayer was going to be answered. Like Shirley likes to say, “He (God) speaks better to you when He’s silent.”

  With his family gathered around him and praying, he continued to pray for the 11 days that he was in the Intensive Care Unit.

  In addition to he and his family, the Hospital Chaplain Amy Allen, his nephew Ron Hite and Mike Jones, he knows he was on at least the prayer lists of two churches. His granddaughter Amy was able to have LuLu, the Pet Therapy dog at D.C.H., and her handler come and spend some time with him. The love and the prayers made a difference. David is eager “to get the word out that there is a God! Jesus Christ is here!”

  At 3:20 a.m. on Friday, April 6th, 2018 when most of us were asleep, David E. Hite was awake. Not only awake but moved to be productive. Here is his “Thought from a Survivor” that he wants to share with us all:

  I am here solely but for the Grace of God.

  In my weak state of mind, I begged the Lord for more time and He listened and responded by bringing me back. 

  Now I want to tell my Family, He lives!  He is all around us. We only need to reach out.

  And now I want to talk to my Family, I love all of you more than I could ever express. I

am awful lucky to belong to The Hite Clan. 

  And Mom, you are surely an Angel. You have meant the world to me. Thank you Love.

  And I don’t want to forget the Great Health workers at D.C.H. Super!

  Last, but not least, Mike Jones and the Patriot Baptist Church.  I will never forget you.

David E. Hite

  His body is still healing. Prayers are still very much appreciated. His spirit continues to be much stronger than the flesh but he’s progressing. He must!  He made a promise to God and David Hite intends to keep it!

Kay Cook`