COVID vaccines still available; more than 4, 200 vaccines given here


 The Switzerland County Health Department is still providing members of the community with vaccinations against COVID-19, and all three vaccines are now available here.

  “We’re still giving vaccinations,” Switzerland County Health Nurse Joyce Fields said. “We’re now doing all three here at the Health Department — we’re no long having our clinic at the TEC Center. We’re giving vaccinations everyday, but each day we are giving a specific vaccine, so people need to call if they have a preference.”

  Fields said that the health department is giving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is being given on Mondays; the Moderna vaccine is being given on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; and the Pfiser vaccine is being given on Thursdays and Fridays. Those wanting to schedule their vaccine may go online to; or they can call the health department at (812) 427-3220. Staff of the local health department is also available to answer any questions that residents may have.

  “The Pfiser vaccine is available for ages 12 and up,” Fields said. “We’ve seen several people bring their children in to be vaccinated, but can always do more.”

  Overall, Fields said that the rate of people coming in for a vaccination has slowed — “It’s nothing like it was,” she said — but there are still people coming in on a daily basis.”

  As of the end of the day on Monday, June 7th, Fields said that 4,233 vaccines have been given through the Switzerland County Health Department, including all three offerings.

  “Most of the vaccines that we have given here have been the Moderna, because of the TEC building clinic,” Fields said. “Now we’re back here at the health department everyday, so it’s still going —we’re just not burning any barns down.”

  As more and more people receive the vaccine, Fields said that the number of active COVID cases here in the county has dropped dramatically. For the month of May, the county saw a total of 26 cases — up slightly from April figures; and for the first eight days of June, she said that currently there are two active cases in the county.

  “We are grateful for everyone who has come in to get vaccinated, but I’d love to see 100-percent plus on there. We all want that,” Fields said. “I want zero new cases and no testing. I’d like to see every child in our school system who is eligible get the vaccine, and every adult in our county get the vaccine. I know that’s not realistic, but that’s what I hope for.”