Court happenings


Dear Editor:

I promised to let the readers know what happened in court and I have been late with my letter. Sorry.

The first one of the group pled guilty in what is commonly and well known as a plea bargain. He was given three years with 184 days credit for the 92 days served waiting on the trial. This will be served as two for one good time days in our nice new jail, so he won’t even have to leave town. There will be three years’ probation and restitution.(?) This is for seven charges, felonies, with one dismissed.

The judge asked me how I felt about the deal. I think I said it really doesn’t seem like enough, but if that’s the best we can do, I will live with it. The other two trials are coming up soon, also the old ones.

I think I will start training a watchdog. Let me see, how many days to get ready?

Jo Ann Connolly