Court denies motion to freeze Geyman’s ability to sell home


The Switzerland County School Board continued to seek ways of reclaiming stolen money last Wednesday, when school officials asked a judge for an injunction to stop the possible sale of property.

The hearing sought to keep Raymond Geyman, the husband of former corporation treasurer Ann Geyman, from transferring ownership of their home at 1829 Telegraph Hill Road, Madison.

The judge assigned to the case, Roger L. Duvall of Scott County, ruled against the motion, saying there was no evidence that Raymond Geyman knew about alleged embezzlement by his wife, and that a previous court order would prevent a transfer anyway.

In a lawsuit, the Switzerland County School Corporation accused Ann Geyman of cashing 190 checks for a total of $1,054,289.15 from February, 2002 through April, 20007 while serving as treasurer. The couple’s home on Telegraph Hill was constructed during that tine.

Judge Duvall said that technically, Raymond Geyman, who was added to the civil case in July, could not transfer property anyway, due to a May 17th preliminary injunction already in place against his wife.

Attorney C. Duane O’Neal, who represents the Switzerland County School Corporation, told the court last Wednesday that the motion for the injunction was to make sure the assets will be there if and when Switzerland County School Corporation receives a judgment against the Geymans.

Judge Duvall said that although he understood the suspicions, there was no evidence to indicate Raymond Geyman had any involvement or knowledge in the alleged embezzlement. Judge Duvall added that Switzerland County School Corporation was accusing Raymond Geyman of participating in a conspiracy, but that such a case has not been established.

Duane O’Neal said after the hearing that he had anticipated that arguing the motion for the injunction would be difficult, as it is still relatively early in the case.

“(Raymond Geyman’s) knowledge of this case has yet to come to light,” he said.

Duane O’Neal said Ann Geyman earned around $50,000 a year as treasurer in Switzerland County. She allegedly embezzled $269,000 from the school district in one year alone. Duane O’Neal said it was hard to believe that Raymond Geyman wouldn’t have notices this discrepancy in his wife’s income.

“You would think that this would cause him to be aware that they were living beyond their means,” Duane O’Neal said. “And that’s a line of evidence I’ll attempt to establish in future proceedings.”

Duane O’Neal called School Corporation attorney Ronald Hocker as a witness for the schools at the hearing. He served as Switzerland County’s School Board attorney when Ann Geyman was hired as treasurer as well as when her employment was terminated.

Raymond Geyman’s attorney, Joe Colussi of Madison, said the injunction would have unfairly prevented Raymond Geyman from using his property and his money.

Joe Colussi asked Ronald Hocker to list the members of the school board and their occupations outside the board.

“In my opinion, there’s a political problem in the school board in that they didn’t execute proper oversight,” Joe Colussi said. “So now they’re trying to sue my client.”

Ann Geyman was not present at the hearing.

A trial date has not been set for the civil lawsuit.

No criminal charges have been filed against Ann or Raymond Geyman.

Judge O’Neal said Jefferson-Switzerland County Prosecutor Chad Lewis is waiting for a report from the Indiana State Board of Accounts before filing charges.

That report was released on Monday of this week. Chad Lewis was reluctant to go into detail about the investigation or the State Board of Account’s role in it.

“There is an investigation ongoing,” Chad Lewis said. “With the severity of this and the mass of information we have to go through, this is going to be a lengthy investigation. We don’t want to rush to anything.”

– Justin Helfrich