County Treasures


To the Editor:

This past weekend I attended the 25th anniversary celebration for the Cape River Heritage Museum in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. I worked with the museum while living in Cape. What does this mean to you?

Over the years I have worked with numerous historical societies and museums in Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri and Indiana. I have visited almost every museum on the Ohio and Mississippi River system. I can say without hesitation that the quality of the collection of the Switzerland County Historical Society is unequaled. Most museums are a collection of “things.” The Switzerland County Museums tell the complete story of Southeast Indiana from prehistoric times through today.

While in Missouri I met with several professors from the history department of the local university. They are in the process of building a multi-million dollar museum to feature early life in Missouri and life on the river. When I described the Switzerland County Museum collection their mouths dropped open. They told me how lucky we are to have museums like ours. Even after spending millions they will have a collection of “things.” They said they can tell some of the story but cannot tell the complete story like we can.

Switzerland County Museums are the envy of any museum, historical society, or university that has heard about us. (I have been spreading the word so a large number have heard.)

June 3rd will be the grand opening of the newly renovated Historical Museum. I urge all residents to visit the Historical, Life on The Ohio and in the future Living History Museum. If you have visited the museums in the past come back. I guarantee you will see and learn about things you have never seen before.

The museums are always looking for volunteers. They can use any type of help to keep these “Crown Jewels” alive and growing.

Dan Back

Near Patriot