County Spring Clean Up days April 25th-27th


Prior to the joint meeting held with the Switzerland County Council, the Switzerland County Commissioners met in a regular scheduled meeting this past Monday night.

The county will once again sponsor a ‘Spring Clean Up’ for county residents.

Spring cleanup dates will be from Friday, April 25th through Sunday, April 27th. Eight dumpsters will be placed in East Enterprise at the County Highway Garage parking lot for county residents to use to dispose of debris and other trash and unwanted items.


In other business discussed by the commissioners:

- Switzerland County resident John Stafford was present to ask the board if anything had been done about the property that adjoins his. In a previous meeting, he had requested that the property be cleaned up.

Mark Archer informed the commissioners that there is not an ordinance in place to address “unsafe buildings”. He also said he couldn’t find the property owner.

Commissioner John Haskell told Mark Archer that he thought John Stafford wanted the place cleaned up to comply with the new ordinance.

County Attorney Will Goering will try to contact the property owner, who resides in Madison.

- The commissioners approved a three year contract with Maximus. Jackie Clements informed the board that their company recovered indirect expenses totaling $132,000 over the past three years.

The new contract will cost the county $9,000 for a three year contract, in which the county will be reimbursed two-thirds of the fees.

- Switzerland County EMA director Connie Wallace explained that FEMA has raised the dollar amount for disaster reimbursement. The damage control amount per household has gone up from $1,000 to $3,000 to receive state funds.

It has also gone up from $68,000 to $120,000 for the county.

- County Highway Superintendent Chris Clerkin gave the commissioners a quote to repair the highway department truck.

The Commissioners were in agreement that they didn’t think it was worth fixing and maybe it should be sold. Chris Clerkin will get a trade-in price from the dealer.

Chris Clerkin also brought an estimate to replace the heater at the Highway Garage. Comparing it to the previous estimate, the commissioners noticed that the heaters were two different sizes. Chris Clerkin will arrange to bring the contractor to the next meeting to discuss it.

- Chris See was appointed to the board of the East Enterprise Sewer District.

– The Commissioners approved changing the name of Sullivan Road to Springer Lane. The name change was to clarify the location of resident Bob Springer in case of an emergency.

- The Courthouse lawn maintenance bids were opened. The commissioners will take this issue under advisement due to some discrepancies between the two bids.

-Commissioner Mark Lohide made a motion to hire Indiana Restoration to remove the mold and paint the ceiling on the second floor of the courthouse.

There was some discussion about checking into another company for an estimate. Commissioner Steve Lyons seconded the motion and it was passed, with Commissioner John Haskell opposing the motion.

The Commissioners felt the need to go forward with the cleanup due to the fact that the air conditioning units will be is use soon, and that is where the mold is coming from.

- The new Flood Plain Ordinance that governs the towns of Vevay, Patriot, and the County, was approved.

- Commissioner John Haskell asked County Auditor Gayle Rayles if she could clarify the overtime rate for the County Highway Department. The employees worked several overtime hours during the winter and were not sure about their comp time. She will get the info to them immediately.

- Rosemary Bovard