County races are uncontested


As some candidates fretted over the outcome of Tuesday’s General Election, for some Switzerland County candidates, there was very little to worry about because they were running unopposed.

Switzerland County elected its first-ever Judge of the Circuit Court when Democrat W. Gregory Coy was elected unopposed.

County wide he received 2,817 votes, and will begin a six-year term on the bench on January 1st.

The Switzerland County Circuit Court was created by an act of the Indiana Legislature this past summer, and the new court will be exclusively this county’s.

In the past the county has shared a circuit court with Jefferson County and a superior court with Ohio County.

Like the new judge, Switzerland County also elected its very own prosecuting attorney on Tuesday. That office was also created with the Circuit Court was created.

Until now, Switzerland County has shared a prosecutor with Jefferson County.

In Tuesday’s election, Democrat Monica L. Hensley was unopposed, and will begin her new term on January 1st. She received 2,692 votes on Tuesday.

Democrat Darla McKay McAlister was unopposed in her bid to become the new Switzerland County Recorder, and on Tuesday she received 2,827 votes.

County Treasurer Stacey L. Penick was reelected to her office after running unopposed on Tuesday. She earned 2,683 votes.

Democrat Lewis Fritter, a first-time candidate, was unopposed in his bid to become the new Switzerland County Coroner. On Tuesday he received 2,852 votes – the highest total of anyone on Tuesday’s General Election ballot here in Switzerland County.