County puts $10,000 in support fund


Ohio County Council voted unanimously to put $10,000 in its Sustaining Support Fund of the Ohio County Community Foundation during its Monday, March 25th meeting.

OCCF director Peg Dickson was in attendance to explain the foundation’s Lilly Endowment Gift 6 which allows for her

to offer matching funds.

Lilly will match the donation dollar for dollar which turns the county’s $10,000 into $20,000. In addition, the OCCF offers a dollar for dollar match of its own up to $1,000. Thus, the total amount of funds going into the county fund will be $21,000.

That’s 100 percent interest.

The OCCF is offering the match to non-permanent funds as well as endowments.

Dickson said now is the time to donate to the many OCCF funds.

The county put $25,000 into the fund a few years back. It now has approximately $29,000. The latest move makes the balance at $50,000. However, it takes three years to build up as they don’t use the principal, only the interest.

The money will come out of riverboat gaming money.

Dickson said the matching program should have funds available next year.

She added the foundation is being fair to all donors.

In other business, council will save $15,000 to $20,000 as the state is going to pay for computers needed for the court system. Councilman Dill Dorrell reported that Magistrate Kim Schmaltz gave him the good news. Once the computers arrive, there will be a two week hands on training for everyone involved.

The highway department received $8339.09 to use for repair of equipment from LOIT (Local Option Income Tax).

Council acknowledge a 2013

Council also approved a clerical error in the sheriff department account. The State Board of Account’s reported the error made in 2013. It involved a person who paid a cash bond of $400. A $400 receipt was recorded but the check was written for $500. The funds went into the auditor’s instead of sheriff account. The $100 difference will be taken out of the auditor account and put back in the sheriff account.

Council president Tammy Elbright presented a draft from EMS for attorney Lane Siekman to review. It will be approved by the emergency committee before coming back to the county for approval.

A card was received from the Wilford Grace family for the county’s donation for Scott Grace’s passing. Donnie Grace is a member of county council.

Sally Beckley of LifeTime Resources sent a thank you for the $5625 funding approved for the county meal site and Catch-A-Ride participation.

Elbright read a letter from Rising Star Casino informing them of a public hearing on April 11 before the Rising Sun Board of Zoning Appeals for a digital sign on the clock tower.