County-owned EMS starts April 13th


The Switzerland County Commissioners met on Monday, April 4th in a regularly scheduled meeting.

One of the main topics of discussion at Monday’s meeting is the continuing development of the new county-owned emergency medical organization.

Named “Switzerland County Emergency Response”, it was announced at Monday’s meeting that it will take over Switzerland County emergency operations from The King’s Daughters’ Hospital this coming Wednesday, April 13th.

One of the issues being addressed is where the new organization will be permanently housed as a base of operations.

On Monday, the commissioners told the crowd in attendance that the county had made an offer of $187,500 to purchase the Switzerland County Emergency Medical Services building on the east end of Vevay. That offer was turned down.

The EMS property had been appraised by two appraisers and the offer was made using the average of the two, which is in compliance with state guidelines for a municipality purchasing property. The commissioners will continue to look into other properties for the new county-owned emergency services.

The commissioners also explained that there was an offer from a private individual to donate property to the county. The commissioners appreciated the offer, but turned it down.


Other items on the agenda discussed by the Commissioners included:

– Switzerland County Highway Superintendent Darrell Keith informed the commissioners that there are several county roads that are beginning to slip due to weather conditions. They include: Spring Branch, Culbertson, Sadie Green, Adkinson Hill, North Branch, Markland Pike, and Tapps Ridge.

The commissioners advised Keith to use county resources to fix the roads.

Keith also ask the commissioners about starting 10 hour days for the highway department. The commissioners agreed to start working four, 10 hour days with a start time of 7 a.m. They don’t believe the workers should start at 6 a.m. now, due to it still being dark, but agreed that as the summer months approach, the start time can be 6 a.m.

– County Attorney Wil Goering read the amended dog ordinance that will go into effect in the near future. The ordinance states that if an animal seriously injures another animal, or bites a human, the animal will be quarantined by the Switzerland County Animal Shelter.

– Angie Priest asked the commissioners if something could be done to the road on Searcy Ridge to make drivers aware of the edge of the road. She explained that there have been several cars go off the road and into the yard. The commissioners agreed to put reflectors on the edge of the road.

– Kurt Kegerreis of the Southeastern Indiana Workforce Investment Board gave an annual updated regional report.

– The next two commissioners meetings will be held at the TEC Building due to the election taking up space in the courthouse basement. The dates will be April 18th and May 2nd, and will be joint meetings with the county council.

-Rosemary Bovard