County Health Department offers new program for residents


The Switzerland County Health Department will be conducting a new program for all people of the county; and the program will be free of charge.

The screenings in the program will consist of cholesterol, diabetes, hemoglobin, and blood pressure.

The clinics will be held at the Switzerland County Health Department every eight weeks for new patients and follow ups. The screenings will be administered on Tuesdays; and there will be two nurses available for the service.

These screenings will allow patients early detection of any abnormality and to seek medical care in the early stages for a longer and healthier life. Results of the outcome of the screenings will be maintained for comparison, according to health department staff.

In the event of anomalies which require further medical treatment, ever attempt to procure monetary assistance, if needed, will be provided.

“We have numerous uninsured and underinsured people in our county and this is our way of assisting you for a healthier longevity of life,” Betty Lucas of the Switzerland County Health Department said.

Notices of the clinics will be published in the newspaper and on the radio when they will be available at the health department.

For more information, contact the Switzerland County Health Department at 427-3220.