County Council: Full slates of candidates for Fall


One of the most hotly contested races for both parties in Tuesday’s primary was the race to select three candidates to represent each party for the County Council-At-Large seats.

The County Council is made up of seven members – four who represent specific districts in the county; and three who are elected “at large”, meaning they can come from any geographic location in the county.

Each councilman serves a four year term, with this year being the election where the three “at large” positions.

There will be at least one new county councilman beginning in January, because current councilman at large Steve Lyons chose to run for County Commissioner from District Two.

In Tuesday’s Republican primary, there were three candidates on the ballot, meaning that all three will not advance to the November General Election.

Terry Hall was the leading vote getter, receiving 408 votes countywide. Elizabeth “Itsy” Jones, who is retiring as the superintendent of the school corporation at the end of June, finished second in the primary with 338 votes; and Richard Lay will also advance to the general election, receiving 300 votes on Tuesday.

Terry Hall was the leading vote getter in Cotton II, Craig I, Craig II, Jefferson III, Pleasant I, Pleasant II, Posey I, and York precincts.

Itsy Jones led the ticket in Jefferson I and Posey II precincts; and Terry Hall and Itsy Jones tied for the most votes in Cotton I and Jefferson II precincts.

On the Democratic side, Tuesday’s primary election there were five challengers for the three spots on the General Election ballot.

Former County Auditor Rachel Schuler led the ticket, receiving 53 votes county wide. Incumbent councilman Steve Crabtree ran second with 662 votes; and incumbent Darrell Hansel also advanced to the general election, finishing with 606 votes.

Mark Powell garnered 270 votes in the primary; and George Altepeter received 172 votes.

Rachel Schuler won Cotton I, Cotton II, Craig I, Jefferson I, Jefferson II, Jefferson III, Pleasant II, Posey I, Posey II, and York precincts.

Steve Crabtree was the leading vote getter in Craig II; and Steve Crabtree and Darrell Hansel tied for the most votes in Pleasant I precinct.