County Commissioners hold regular meeting


The Switzerland County Commissioners held a regular meeting on May 17th, and discussed a variety of county issues.

– Dan Back spoke with the commissioners about the Patriot Park Boat Ramp. He showed the commissioners the plans showing the layout of the project; and he asked when the state-mandated prevailing wage board would meet. He was told that the board would meet on May 26th.

County attorney Wil Goering will also review the specifications of the project; and it was agreed that the county highway department will spray the weeds in the parking lot of the project.

– The commissioners signed the agreement with the Town of Vevay and the Emergency Management Agency.

- Ginger Furnish of the Purdue Extension Service asked the commissioners to approve a plan for the county highway department to furnish a backhoe to dig holes for a soil sample project on a farm here in the county in October.

The commissioners approved the request.

- Keli Hall distributed the April report for the Switzerland County Animal Shelter.

– Tom Conroy of Vevay asked the commissioners for permission to place a memorial monument honoring Major Samuel Woodfill in the Veterans Memorial section of the courthouse lawn.

This was approved.

- The commissioners signed the membership certification for Robert Wheeler for the Florence Regional Sewer District.

- County Auditor Rachel Schuler informed the commissioners that the health insurance plan year will change to coincide with the Health Reimbursement Account plan year. The plan year will now be January 1st through December 31st. It had been June 1st through May 31st.

– The commissioners approved a contract with the Switzerland County Economic Development Commission.

- The commissioners approved a “Donation Request Form” that will be filled out by individuals and agencies requesting funds. The form will first go to the commissioners and then to the county council.

- Keli Hall asked the commissioners to repair a ditch behind the fairgrounds. That was approved by the commissioners.

- Commissioner K.C. Banta gave an update on the progress of the Moorefield/Bennington Sewer District project.

– Wil Hutchinson of the Switzerland County Highway Department told the commissioners that he is looking at the price of dust control products; and he and the commissioners also discussed prices of generators.

He also reported that Bridge #1 on Bear Creek is closed and needs to be replaced due to the bridge inspection deeming it unsafe. He also said that Bridge #20 on Scotts Ridge Road needs to have its weight limit lowered from six tons down to three tons.

Rachel Schuler reported that the county has $184,000 in its Cumulative Bridge Fund.

– Commissioner Brian Morton and Rachel Schuler discussed the issue of being able to pay the election poll workers more quickly. Wil Goering stated that the county would have to amend its pay ordinance. This will be discussed at the next commissioners meeting.