County Commissioners hold monthly meeting


The Switzerland County Commissioners met on Monday, March 6th in their regular scheduled meeting.

Items on the agenda included:

– Tapps Ridge resident Bob Wright spoke to the commissioners about a property on Tapps Ridge that has personal debris and junk all over the yard. He filed a formal complaint on February 22nd, 2017 to clean up the residence. The board informed him that another complaint had also been filed the day before. The property owner will be notified and has 30 days to respond. If nothing is done within the 30 days, the county will then step forward to ensure that the property is cleaned up and a lien will be put against the property.

– Shane Turner requested that Cutter Road be closed to the public. He offered to maintain the road himself . The commissioners said there were a couple options he has. He can notify the residents along Cutter Road that he wants to close it, and then follow up in a public meeting to discuss the road closure.

– The commissioners approved the bid from CenturyLink to install a cabinet to house all phone lines from the Health Department and Nurse Managed Clinic. They also approved the quote from Marty Hankins to run new cable.

Another issue at the Nurse Managed Clinic was the slow Internet connection. Marty Hankins will replace the current DSL system with cable for Internet use. At present, DSL is costing $99 a month and by switching to cable, the cost will be $45 a month.

The phone contract with CenturyLink is up in October. The commissioners are looking at other companies to provide phone service.

– The Highway Department reported that engineering proposals are out for bridges # 8 and 35. Bid requests will be advertised for the repair of bridge 26 on Log Lick Road.

– EMA Director Tom Moore was with the National Weather Service on Wednesday to show them the damage from the morning storm. They determined that the storm was a result of straight line winds, and no tornadoes were involved.

– A motion was made and approved by the board to take bids on sealing the parking lots of county property.

– The building corporation met Monday to move forward in the process of refinancing the TEC Building.

– The commissioners approved the appointment of Cristina Miller to the East Enterprise Regional Sewer District board.

– Bids were opened for the sale of the coolers previously used by the food pantry. Jim Stewart was high bidder with a bid of $1,160; Darren Wood: $1,000; and Errol Judy: $700. The county will notify Mr. Stewart to make arrangements to pick up the coolers. The money from the sale will be donated to TAC Manna project to distribute food to the needy.

– Grassman Landscaping was awarded the contract to maintain the courthouse grounds with a bid of $6,200. McQueary Lawn Care had a bid of $6,030 but did not specify work according to the specs needed.

– Two quotes were presented for the purchase of two push mowers for county employees to use. Both quotes were for $199 and the board approved the purchase from Bowling Farm Equipment.

– Commissioner Josh South gave an update on the casino gaming bill. He said the bill was going to the Senate. The new bill, if approved, will drop admissions to the casinos.

– Rosemary Bovard