County Commissioners hold monthly meeting


The Switzerland County Commissioners met on Monday, December 5th for a regularly scheduled meeting.

The minutes and claims from the previous meeting were approved.

In items coming before the commissioners:

– Kerry McConnell of the Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, spoke to the board regarding the bids for the housing rehab project in Switzerland County. She explained that there were a few properties that didn’t get a bid and that two of the bids were withdrawn. SIRPC will be taking bids again, and if any contractor is interested, please call (812) 689-5505 for details.

– In the previous meeting, Saundra Adams of the Switzerland County Nurse-Managed Clinic had brought a problem to the commissioners’ attention. She explained that the phone lines were not working correctly in the clinic. There is a room that contains the phone wiring, but the wiring is not secured in an enclosed box.

Dave Muncie of CenturyLink attended the meeting, and he has looked at the problem. He explained what needs to be done and will give a quote to the commissioners to fix the problem.

– Highway Department Superintendent Darrell Keith informed the commissioners that he has spoken to INDOT regarding speed limits for county roads. INDOT said that it is up to the commissioners to set the speed limits on county roads.

– The Commissioners approved the board appointment for Tourism, which will be Sheri Works, replacing Kathy Williams. The appointment is only for the remaining time that Williams would have served, which will be the end of 2017.

– All other board appointments will be approved at the last meeting of the year, which will be December 27th.

Anyone interested in serving on a county board should submit their name to the Switzerland County Auditor’s office.

– The annual contracts for 2017 were signed.

-Rosemary Bovard