County Commissioners hear plan to co-op animal shelters


The Switzerland County Commissioners approved a six month trial that will form a cooperative between the Vevay animal shelter and the county shelter.

The town of Vevay has maintained its own, small shelter, even after the new county animal shelter was opened, but at the commissioners meeting on May 3rd, Keli Hall of the Switzerland County Animal Shelter told the commissioners that a co-op program is being considered under which the town of Vevay would pay the necessary veterinarian fees for stray dogs to be placed in the county’s animal shelter.

Keli Hall suggested a six month trail period to see how the program will work, and the commissioners agreed with this plan.


Terri Grove of Switzerland County EMS spoke with the commissioners concerning the placement of emergency defibrillators in the courthouse and other county buildings.

After discussion, the commissioners decided that the county would need 10 defibrillators to cover all of the necessary buildings, and those come at a cost of $1,764.20 each, for a total expense of $17,642.

The cost will be paid for through the county’s infrastructure fund; and Switzerland County EMS will provide training for employees and will also inspect the units once a month to make sure they are in working order.


In other business discussed by the commissioners:

– The commissioners agreed to provide $5,000 to the Switzerland County YMCA for its “Strong Kids” campaign.

– The prosecutor’s office has contacted county auditor Rachel Schuler concerning a scanner for their office.

– K.C. Banta made a motion to officially repeal Title IV and Title V as recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The motion was seconded by Craig Bond, and Brian Morton agreed to the motion.

– The commissioners signed the tax deeds for the properties that sold at the March 16th commissioners tax sale.

The commissioners also voted to continue the agreement with SRI to provide county tax sale services.

– The commissioners suggested that courthouse custodian Mitch Barnes and Errol Judy meet to discuss who is going to change the furnace filters in the courthouse and at the jail.

– Rachel Schuler told the commissioners that she had contacted county attorney Wil Goering, who advised that trustees are not county employees; but rather township employees.

Wil Goering recommended that the county not allow the trustees to be a part of the county health insurance plan.

– Bill Roberts told the commissioners that he would like to donate old Vevay High School pictures to the courthouse. Nancy Barker, deputy recorder, would take possession of the photos. The commissioners agreed to this.

– The county received bids for tractors. The two low bids were New Albany Tractors at $185,999; and Brown Farm Implement at $186,501.

K.C. Banta moved to accept the local bid from Brown Farm Implement, and it was passed.

– George Adams of Switzerland County Emergency Management discussed the purchase of generators and also identification badges for each county employee, as well as volunteers with county fire departments, etc.

The commissioners suggested that he take his proposal to the county council.

– County Highway Superintendent Wil Hutchinson is looking into various types of dust control products for county gravel roads.

– County resident Traci Weber asked the commissioners about where the county stands in terms of its agreement with Dr. Frankel in terms of the work he was doing with planning and zoning.

Craig Bond stated that all payments to Dr. Frankel have been ceased, and he has been told to stop any further work on the zoning plan project.