County approves assistance plan for spay/neuter program


The Switzerland County Commissioners have announced that they will offer a spay/neuter assistance program which will provide financial assistance to county residents who need help with spaying or neutering their pets.

The Switzerland County Council has funded the project for 2009 in the amount of $10,000. The program is intended to encourage county residents to be responsible pet owners and to discouraged unwanted litters and the strain on the resources of the Switzerland County Animal Shelter that would result from those litters.

Beginning in January, any resident who needs financial help to have their pet spayed or neutered may obtain a voucher at the Switzerland County Courthouse. The vouchers are available at the Highway Department office or at the Auditor’s office.

The voucher will pay half the cost of the procedure, and will be accepted by Dr. Marvin Moore and Dr. Don Beckett in Rising Sun; by Dr. John Petscher at the Madison Animal Clinic; and at the Carroll County Animal Clinic in Carrollton.

The vouchers are limited to two per household per year, and must be obtained prior to having the procedure done.

Applications for the vouchers must be made in person during normal courthouse hours. Questions should be addressed to Bruce Williams at 427-2460.