Council At-Large races set for November


One of the most closely watched races for both parties here in Switzerland County was for the three seats up for election in the At Large component of the Switzerland County Council.

The County Council is made up of seven members: four of which represent specific geographic ares of the county while the other three members are elected as At Large members, meaning they can come from any area of the county.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats had four candidates running for three spots on the November General Election ballot.

On the Republican ballot, incumbent Terry Hall won the chance to be reelected, and he was joined by first time candidates Lisa Fisher and Andrew Haskell.

Haskell was the leading vote getter with 926 votes; followed by Fisher with 816 votes and Hall with 667 votes.

Candidate Steve Jones-Ellard finished with 451 votes.

Haskell won nine precincts, including Cotton I, Cotton II, Craig I, Jefferson I, Jefferson II, Jefferson III, Pleasant I, Pleasant II, and Posey I.

Fisher won two precincts: Posey II and York; while Hall won the Craig II precinct.


For the Democrats, incumbent Council woman Rachel Bladen Schuler won the opportunity to earn reelection in November, and she finished Tuesday’s primary with 705 votes.

Andrea Brogan was second in the Democratic primary with 630 votes; and Matt Levell was the third winning candidate, as he finished with 478 votes.

Candidate Mark Powell was fourth, as he garnered 301 votes.

Schuler won nine precincts: Cotton I, Cotton II, Craig II, Jefferson I, Jefferson II, Jefferson III, Pleasant I, Pleasant II, and Posey I.

Brogan won Craig I and York; and she and Schuler tied for the most votes in Posey II, as they each received 46 votes.

The top three vote getters from the six candidates, regardless of party affiliation, will be elected to four year terms in January.