Council approves funds for courthouse security, renovation


Ohio County Council approved $1680 for Mike Eaves and H&B Systems to install a security camera and upgrade the courtroom monitoring system during its meeting Monday, June 29.

Sheriff Glen Potts reviewed a handout which showed a comparison of salaries in Ohio, Dearborn, Switzerland and Ripley counties for the sheriff, highway superintendent, 911 director, chief deputy and different highway and deputy pay.

He has been saving money through a jail agreement with Switzerland County with that budgeted money going toward deputy pay. In an attempt to keep deputies, he is not asking for two cars this year but said he has continued to bend over backwards to save money.

Ohio County has six fulltime deputies plus the sheriff. Potts has proposed to use up to 10 reserve officers to work at least 12 hours a month with the department paying for ammunition, uniforms and needed training.

A salary ordinance and amendment were approved for the Ohio County Circuit Court,which included $3442 transferred to overtime transcript of appeals. The move was state mandated and will be paid at $19.63 per hour transcript and $29.45 for overtime work.

Various other transfers were approved including another $11,000 from highway department health insurance funds for tires and approximately $16,000 of circuit court transfers for courtroom renovation. Monies were encumbered from last year and approved in January for the project.

New veteran requirements

Newly named Veterans Service Officer Bill Parks reported that he plans to be available 20 hours a week, including 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursdays to allow veterans to meet with him by appointment, after regular courthouse hours.

A new state law now in effect requires for accreditation and a minimum of 1000 hours per year.

Council approved a computer purchase which can be reimbursed up to $1200. Also, Parks said $500 is available for training fees. An additional $399 will be need for the veterans’ computer program.

School programs

Superintendent Branden Roeder presented an agreement which will allow the school to use its 10 percent funding of county riverboat funds for the general fund, which is similar to last year. The request was made so funding sources are in place at budget time.

The school received $54,394 ($25,601 from county) last year. The school endowment fund has just over $700,000, according to Roeder.

He explained the new school programs and that preschool teacher pay would be paid from parent fees.

The school will have a latchkey program at $5 per day after school until 5:30 p.m. It will include about an hour of tutoring, snack, and play time. The school will expand hours during school breaks.

Preschool daycare will cost $9 and run from 7:30 to 5:30.

Highway and health approvals

Highway superintend Ron York submitted a transfer for $20,000 from health insurance for repairs of the department’s Caterpillar 953.

Council approved a request from Angi Rimstidt of the health department for $2000 to be paid to Earl Ketenbrink to do 12 weeks of mosquito spraying. He is the only person certified for the work and has now retired as environmental specialist. He will be replaced by Michelle Otter.

Funds will be transferred from Otter’s salary to pay Ketenbrink.

Additional transfer requests were approved for the circuit court, clerk, recorder and communications.