Council accepting revenue sharing requests


The Switzerland County Council has an established procedure on how a portion of the revenues coming into the county are distributed to various entities for the betterment of the county’s residents.

Now, the council is asking for group who may feel that they should get a percentage of those revenues.

County auditor Janice Ramsey said that the county council is wanting to know if there are any organizations or entities serving Switzerland County that want to be considered to be a part of the casino revenue distribution in coming years. The council is also interested in getting input from members of the community about how successful they feel the county has been in distributing the funds in previous years — and how those funds have been spent.

Those wanting to comment may send their thoughts in writing to the Switzerland County Auditor’s office in the courthouse.

Those agencies and groups wanting to be considered need to submit a letter of request to the council. That letter should state why the organization should be included and what need exists that inclusion in the sharing program would eliminate.

Those letters need to be turned into the auditor’s office by Monday, August 1st, 2005. The auditor will then present those letters to the council at its meeting on Saturday, August 13th.


Switzerland County’s revenues from Belterra Casino Resort and Spa comes from two different taxes: a wagering tax and an admissions tax.

Since the casino opened, Switzerland County has received $5,111,269.13 from wagering taxes and $4,084,708.00 from the admission taxes.

That’s a total income of $9,915,977.13.

As of the last distribution of funds, the Switzerland County Auditor’s office shows that those funds have been distributed in this fashion:

— County Council (24.25 percent): $2,404,624.38

— School Endowment Corporation (14 percent): $1,388,236.80

— Building Fund (10 percent): $991,597.72

— 911/Public Safety/Law Enforcement (4.75 percent): $471,008.92

— Emergency Services (4.25 percent): $421,429.03

— Infrastructure Development (7.25 percent): $718,908.35

— Economic Development (.75 percent): $74,369.83

— Regional Revenue (10 percent; of this Jefferson County gets 50-percent; Ripley County gets 25-percent; and Crawford County gets 25-percent): $991,597.72

— Crawford County (3.50 percent): $347,059.20

— Switzerland County YMCA (1.25 percent): $123,949.72

— Town of Vevay (7.0 percent): $694,118.40

— Town of Patriot (3.0 percent): $297,479.32

— Cotton Township (20 percent of 1.97 percent): $39,068.95

— Craig Township (20 percent of 1.13 percent): $22,410.11

— Jefferson Township (20 percent of 2.05 percent): $40,655.51

— Pleasant Township (20 percent of 1.75 percent): $34,705.92

— Posey Township (20 percent of 1.84 percent): $36,490.80

— York Township (20 percent of 1.97 percent): $24,988.27

— Fire Chiefs Association (80 percent of all Townships): $793,278.18