‘Cool Vevay’ is still in contention


With 152 nominations and a few additions by “Budget Travel Magazine”, Vevay has been selected as one of 22 American small towns that stand out from the crowd.

Along with the nomination, Vevay is in the running for the publications list of Top 10 “America’s Coolest Small Towns”.

The town of Vevay would love to take top honors and would appreciate residents and visitors votes and a brief comment sharing their fond experiences and “local favorites” of the town.

As of last week, Vevay had moved into sixth place overall in the voting, but the website has been experiencing some problems this week, and postings on the website show that very few people are being able to get on the site and vote.

Hopefully contest organizers will be able to rectify the matter soon and voting can continue.

According to the magazine, the contest will select towns according to “quality of life, arts and restaurant scenes and proximity to nature.” It specifies that “cool” doesn’t mean “quaint”; so voters should think “edgy” and “avant-garde galleries” – not country stores. It is also looking for towns on an upswing that are drawing attention and attracting new residents.

Cast your vote and comments from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily at: www.budgettravel.com/bt-srv/coolestsmalltowns

A voting deadline of Friday, April 3rd, has been set, so Switzerland County residents have about a week to cast a vote. Residents may cast only one vote per day, so an immediate response is appreciated. According to the “Budget Travel” article, visitors’ comments, photos and videos submitted on Vevay’s behalf will also be part of the judging process.


Want to vote for Vevay? Long onto the Vevay Newspapers’ website: www.vevaynewspapers.com and click on the button that says “Vote for Vevay”. Once at the site, click on Vevay on the map; then hit “add to ballot”; then hit “cast ballot”.