Completed the 2020 Census?


Completed the 2020 Census?

  Have you filled out your 2020 Census yet?

  If not — and judging from Switzerland County statistics — that includes a lot of residents, you’re costing your community and yourself a lot of money.

  Current statistics show that Switzerland County has had approximately 55-percent of its residents complete the census. Originally scheduled to end on July 31st, the COVID-19 pandemic moved that deadline back, giving residents the chance to still be counted.

  “It’s kind of stuck at the 55-percent figure,” Sarah Brichto, local Census Coordinator reports. “People have been going door to door, but we still need people to complete their census.”

  Completing the census is easy — it takes only moments online

  Brichto says that if a person cannot get online to fill out the census, they can call (844) 330-2020.

  Tim Swarens is the Media Specialist for the 2020 Census, and says that even while the ending date of the 2020 census is a matter in front of the courts right now, it’s important that those who haven’t filled it out yet do so.

  “What we are telling people is that it’s important to complete the census as soon as possible,” Swarens said. “It could end as early as September 30th, but we really can’t say when the actual deadline is right now, because it’s being discussed in federal court.”

  Swarens said that the easiest and fastest way to respond is by the website, but everyone also received a paper form in the mail, and that also be filled out and mailed.

  “We also have census takers in the field that are visiting households that have not yet responded,” Swarens said. “It’s important that people understand that if someone comes and approaches their door, they should show a federal ID. Everyone census worker, every census taker will have a photo ID and that is happening right now.”

  Swarens said that it takes just a few minutes to complete the census — there are just nine questions.

  “It’s very important for people to do that,” he said. “It will help their community.”

  And how does a person filling out a census form here in Switzerland County help their community?

  “Hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding each year is allocated based on census data,” Swarens said. “That’s money that helps pay for schools and hospitals. It helps pay for roads and other essential services. It’s important that we have a complete and accurate count in each community so that each community gets its fair share of tax dollars. That’s a big reason why it’s important — because it will help strengthen your community. It will help you get the services you need — particularly now that there are so many people needing services, it’s really important that we have an accurate count.”

  So: if you don’t fill it out, you’re costing the community funding — money that in come cases has to be made up by raising taxes.

  Help this community —complete your census questionnaire.