Commissioners: inspection of EMS building before purchase


The Switzerland County Commissioners met Monday night in a special meeting to discuss the possibility of purchasing the existing Switzerland County EMS building.

Commission President Steve Lyons opened the meeting and gave a brief synopsis of why the meeting was scheduled.

He explained that a legal document had been given to the Switzerland County EMS board regarding the intent to enter into a price agreement for the purchase of the building. The document had been signed by the Switzerland County EMS board President Mary Lee Tolbert.

In that document, Switzerland County EMS agreed to sell the existing emergency squad building, offices, and the house for a price of $187,000. The agreement will expire in 60 days starting July 8th, 2016.

When a question was asked about who paid for the building originally, Commissioner Josh South stated that he thinks the county should focus on the future and forget about the past. He also stated that before an agreement was signed by the county, he would like to get the building inspected by a certified inspector.

South wants to make sure that the building is in good shape and if there will be any high dollar expenses in the near future. He said he is in no way saying that the county should buy the building or build a new one at the present time.

Commissioner Mark Lohide agreed with South and said there are a lot of things to consider before they will sign the agreement o purchase the building.

President Steve Lyons added that there are things to consider if the county builds a new building, The main thing would be the expense of a new building using county money, and also the time frame to get the project done.

The present EMS building is 5,300 square feet, which includes the six-year old house with a basement for training; the garage used to house the emergency trucks; and four offices.

A new building – if built – would be 4600 square feet and would be built on the county-owned property, adjoining the jail.

All of the commissioners agreed that an inspection should be done on the Switzerland County EMS building before they made a final decision, and gave the approval to hire a certified inspector.

-Rosemary Bovard