Commissioners hear water damage costs

  The Switzerland County Commissioners met on Tuesday, February 20th, for their regular monthly meeting.


  The Switzerland County Commissioners met on Tuesday, February 20th, for their regular monthly meeting.

  Items discussed by the Commissioners included:

   — Indiana Restoration presented the commissioners with a request for the repair of the damage done to the courthouse during a water break. A representative of Indiana Restoration reported that there were requests to upgrade the carpet in the judge’s office at a cost of $3,500 and upgrade stair carpet for $1,127. Both upgrades were approved. He also stated that there was a request to up grade the paint color in the genealogy room at a cost of $965, which was not approved.

  President Mark Lohide did approve changing colors in the bathrooms at a cost of $735 which was completed before the meeting. The board approved upgrading carpet in the assessors office  at a cost of $6,707, which included moving the files and furniture.

  — Carolyn Miller gave the annual cemetery report. The report stated that the cemetery board had been allocated $10,000, in which $9,765 had been spent on the county cemeteries. There are 138 cemeteries in the county and 23 of them are still in need of some repair or fence. The commissioners approved her report.

  — The bridge inspection contract from USI Consultants was approved.

  — The board approved the election board rates which are as follows: Absentee Board: $75 per day; Judge: $100 per day, 1/2 day $50; Inspector: $125 per day, 1/2 day $62.50; Clerk: $100 per day, 1/2 day $50; Traveling Board: $50 per day plus mileage.

  Three meals will be provided to the election board on election day.

  — The commissioners will purchase three new dump trucks from Freightliner Cincinnati at a price of $118,630; with an upgrade to a stainless steel bed for a total of $127,122 per truck.

  — FPBH Engineering reviewed the bids for the Pendleton Road bridge and determined that the project should be awarded to Paul Rohe Construction. The bid from Rohe was $428,129.50 and was approved by the commissioners. The low bid contractor did not have qualification certifications.

  — The board will be purchasing three new mowers and two new pickup trucks in the near future for the County Highway Department.

   — The commissioners will take bids to replace sky lights in the jail due to the fact that the existing ones have dry rotted.

Rosemary Bovard