Commissioners discuss vehicles for county animal shelter


The Switzerland County Commissioners met on Monday, February 3rd, with an executive meeting followed by a regular public meeting.

New vehicles for the Switzerland County Animal Shelter were discussed, along with use policies.

Switzerland County Animal Shelter director Keli Gabbard presented two quotes for a new truck for the shelter.

Commissioner Steve Lyons told her that the sheriff’s office has a van that is not in use. The van will go to the animal shelter, as opposed to the county purchasing another new truck. The county is trying to stay within the budget and can’t justify purchasing another new truck.

Commissioner Mark Lohide instructed Keli Gabbard to take the small truck to a mechanic this week.

Steve Lyons also asked Keli Gabbard if she had turned in a volunteer list yet. She will do that this week.

The commissioners also informed her that the county trucks are not to be taken out of state. She said she drives them to Kentucky when she takes animals to the vet.


Other issues discussed in the public meeting included:

– Steve Letherman of WTH Technologies informed the commissioners that Core Logics would like to obtain data from the county.

WTH would process the needed info to Core Logics if the commissioners approved the ordinance to proceed. The county would receive $250 for the information. No action was taken at this time.

- Switzerland County 911 Coordinator Kevin Hayes informed the board that the primary repeater was damaged due to a water leak.

The commissioners approved the request to repair the repeater and install new batteries at a cost of approximately $1,100. The commissioners and Kevin Hayes also discussed purchasing a back-up repeater and/or installing a new total off-site repeater.

Kevin Hayes will follow up with price quotes and present them at the next meeting.

– The commissioners approved the request from Caulette Talbert of the Switzerland County Farmers/Artisans Market to use the county building at the Markland Industrial Park. The market will open on Saturday, March 15th and remain open until the end of November on designated days.

– Switzerland County Highway Superintendent Chris Clerkin reported that a total of 1,236 tons of cinders have been hauled to the county garage staging area.

The Highway Department used about 400 tons in one day on the county roads.

– Bridge inspector Michael Armstrong informed the commissioners that there are six bridges in the county that have to be inspected yearly. This inspection is due to the condition that the bridges are in and will start in May. A motion was made to renew the contract to inspect the bridges and the motion was approved.

– A weather spotter training class will be held on Wednesday, February 12th at 6:30 p.m., per Connie Wallace of Emergency Management. The training will take place at the new County Learning Center and is open to the public.

– The Red Cross will hold an organizational meeting on Wednesday, February 12th at 5 p.m. at the new Markland Center.

– A motion was approved by the board to start the transfer of property on the west side of Vevay to the county.

The property is currently owned by the foundation. A 60-day notice to the Corps of Engineers and IDEM will take place before ownership can take place.

– An estimate of $1,900 was sent to the Commissioners from Flooring Gallery. This estimate would be to repair the floor between the new section of the courthouse and the existing section. The water leak that damaged the floor has been fixed. The board wants to wait until Spring to make sure there are no more water problems before proceeding with the floor.

– Pete Furnish and Sarah Brichto were re-appointed to the Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Committee.

– Kathy Williams, Tony Gregory, and Don Talbert were re-appointed to the Tourism Board.

– The $3,200 contract submitted by Innovative Energy was approved to perform maintenance on the HVAC system at the annex building.

– The commissioners reviewed the Motor Vehicle Resolution and agreed that a waiver needs to be included in the resolution before it is approved. Every county employee driving a county vehicle is required to sign the waiver before a family member can ride in the vehicle. This waiver will release the county from any law suits resulting from an accident.

– The problem of the extremely high telephone bills has not been resolved; therefore the county will have ESPY, an outside company, examine the bills.

This is of no cost to the county. If ESPY finds any discrepancies, they will receive a percentage of money owed back to the county.

– The county is also wanting to make sure that county residents are getting roads cleared.

If you live on a county road and have a problem due to a road hazard, please contact Ann Holdcroft of the Highway Department at 427-4430.

It was also noted that the County is not responsible for State Roads, which include: 156, 56, 50, 129, 62, and 250.

For help on state highways, call Indiana State Highway Department at 534-3051.

- Rosemary Bovard