Commissioners discuss Spring Clean Up for Posey Township


The Switzerland County Commissioners met Monday night May 6th, for its regular monthly meeting.

Issues discussed by the commissioners included:

– Mark Helt, County Environmental Health Specialist, asked the commissioners to pay for the use of large dumpsters for a “Spring Clean-Up” that will be located in Posey Township. This request was discussed by the commissioners, but no official action was taken.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with this project, or for further details, should contact Mark Helt at the Health department, 427-3220.

– Clarence Hunt thanked the board for its help with the 4-H horse arena. It will be in use this summer for the 4-H group and other events that may take place there.

- Switzerland County Highway Superintendent Chris Clerkin advised the commissioners that mowing has started in the county.

He also presented a fact sheet for the purchase of four new tires and a tract for the skid loader. The total cost to the county is $7,096 and was approved by the board.

– The Commissioners reiterated the fact that, in order to install a new septic system, the landowner must have at least 1 and 1/8 acres, as is stated in the 1996 County ordinance.

– Bids were opened for mowing of the Markland Center. Countryside was awarded the job with a bid of $45 per mowing.

– The Commissioners agreed to purchase controls from Innovative for the new County Tech Center. The controls will cost the County $22,946 and will be purchased at the end of June, pending the money being available.

– Aaron Bell of the Southeastern Indiana Recycling District, presented his annual report to the Commissioners. He also informed them that a Recycling Center is now open in Ohio County.

Residents can still use the center in East Enterprise if needed. Bell said that there is grant money available for a project cleanup in the County if deemed necessary.

– Lois McKay brought an issue, regarding a claim, to the board. The Commissioners approved the claim.

– There was a discussion at the end of the meeting regarding the Bennington/Moorfield Sewer Plants. A resident had requested hooking onto the system, but the property was too far from the Moorefield plant, so the request was denied.

Also, a question was brought up about using the plants as a dumping station for facilities with campers. This will be investigated and answered at a later date.

- Rosemary Bovard