Commissioners discuss semis in county parks

  The Switzerland County Commissioners met on Monday, March 19th, for their regular monthly meeting.


  The Switzerland County Commissioners met on Monday, March 19th, for their regular monthly meeting.

  Items discussed by the Commissioners included:

  — John Kniola requested that the commissioners pass an ordinance to prohibit semi trucks from parking on the parking lots of the county parks. He explained that the semis are too heavy for the pavement in the parks. Commissioners President Mark Lohide said he will check the present ordinances for any information that may be in place. If not, then the board agreed that a new ordinance should be incorporated in the county ordinances.

  — Sarah Brichto passed out information to the board regarding Opportunities Zone updates.

  — The board approved the second  payment to McAlister Excavating for work being done on bridge # 35 for the amount of $156,914.68.

  — After reviewing the specs for the new tractors, the commissioners agreed to run an ad in the paper for the purchase of three new tractors with mowers.

  — The commissioners have put a new ordinance in place that requires the residents of Moorefield/Bennington Sewer District to pay for the sewer lids on their property if they are damaged by the owner. The board also agreed that the sewer bill to those residents will remain $30 per month.

  — Commissioner Josh South announced that Jon Bond will be leaving the Switzerland County Economic Development office. The commissioners discussed the current contract that requires a quarterly payment to the Switzerland County Economic Development Corporation. There was a motion to start paying on a month-to-month basis. The motion was approved.

  — A payment to Indiana Restoration was approved in the amount of $33,000 for damages that occurred  from the water break in the courthouse.

  — Keli Gabbard of the Switzerland County Animal Shelter presented an estimate for new gates for the kennels at the animal shelter to the board. The board tabled the request.

  —Switzerland County Emergency Management Agency Director Tom Moore informed the board that there has been $675,000 worth of damages turned in to his department from the flood. Patriot Sewer District reported $300,000 in damages and Florence Regional Sewer District incurred $35,000 in damages.

— Rosemary Bovard