Commissioners consider bridge replacement bids


The Switzerland County Commissioners held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, February 5th.

Items that were discussed by the commissioners included:

– The claims were approved with an exception for discussion to one claim. The board discussed a claim from All Seasons regarding a bill for salt and snow removal. The claim was somewhat higher than expected, but was determined that more salt was needed on one occasion due to ice at the courthouse. The board will make a determination at another meeting.

– Aaron Bell, director at the Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District, gave his annual report. He also explained to the board that there are charges to the public for disposing tires, refrigerators and electronics.

– Tourism Director Lacey Ekberg requested use of the TEC Building on Saturday, April 14th to hold a wedding expo. The board approved the request.

– Work One SE representative, Kurt Kegerreis, updated the commissioners on the Work One program. Several surrounding counties have started the JAG program which is a part of Work One. He explained that the program could be very beneficial if Switzerland County would be interested in joining Ohio County in a joint venture with JAG. The board will look into this matter.

– Three companies submitted bids for new dump trucks for the county highway department. The bids ranged from $118,630 each to $139,020. County Council has previously approved $420,000 for the three trucks. The board will take the bids under advisement and discuss this at a later meeting.

– Chief Deputy Brian Morton asked the commissioners for their approval to go to county council to request the hiring of another deputy. He explained that the Jefferson County prosecutor would like Switzerland County to join with them in forming a Drug Task Force. The sheriff’s department would assign one of the current deputies to the drug force and that would be the only assignment the deputy would be working on. Then another deputy would be hired for the sheriff’s department. The board approved the request for Morton the go to County Council.

– Mowing and landscaping bids will be advertised and both will be for a two year period.

– The Commissioners received a thank you letter from school Superintendent Mike Jones. He wanted to express his thanks to the highway department for keeping the county roads cleared during the Winter weather.

– The board opened the bids for the replacement of the bridge on Pendleton Run Road. The bids were as follows:

• McAlister Excavating: $586,283.75

• Parham Construction: $389,456.00

• Paul Rohe Company: $428,129.50

A decision was not made at the meeting and will be announced at the next meeting on February 20th.

– USI Consulting was awarded the contract for bridge inspections for the next four years at a quote of $111,123.84.

-Rosemary Bovard