Commissioners approve road work


The Ohio County commissioners held their regular evening meeting on Wednesday, June 22nd in the Ohio County Courthouse.

Dean Tuggle and new director of tourism, Kendal Miller, informed commissioners, a replacement for their appointment needed to be made. They suggested Jim McDaniel be appointed to the tourism board. Commissioners Shane Koons, Todd Walton and Connie Brown unanimously approved their recommendation.

Mark Richardson from Paul Rohe Paving said he had been in contact with highway superintendent Ron York regarding Holmes Hill and Hartford Hill. York had asked what the cost would be for paving verses chip and seal. Richardson commented Rohe wants to get this right, not to make money on this redo. The cost would be under $30,000. Commissioners agreed to the work, contingent on York’s approval.

Commissioners passed Ordinance 2016-4 dealing with internal control standards provided by the Indiana State Board of Accounts. The acceptable minimum level of internal control standards for internal control systems of political subdivisions, including: Control Environment, Risk Assessment, Control Activities, Information and Communication, and Monitoring.

Greg Hummel from Hummel Insurance Agency gave an update to the commissioners on the renewal for August 2016. HE stated he would be obtaining quotes with four different companies. Walton told him “just get the county the best rate.”

Walton reported he met with Kristina Meyer from Pinnacle. A decision needed immediate attention. The company needed to know if an employee retired or left employment in the middle of the month, did the commissioners want the health insurance to terminate that date or the last date of the month. He told her the last date of the month.

Clerk Jamie Stegemiller told Commissioners, she had concern about the SVR system matching the maps for district boundaries signed by commissioners December 6, 1976. When the Commissioners looked over the maps, the info is correct. The info entered into the SVR system isn’t the same as the district boundaries on the map. After discussion, commissioners told her to call the company about correcting the info in the SVR system.

Veteran’s Officer Bill Parks reported he had already completed half of the accreditation required, this year. Ohio County’s Veterans compensation and pension have increased by $346,000 since 2014.