Commissioners approve Economic Development contract


The Switzerland County Commissioners met in a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, December 15th.

– Jon Bond presented the Economic Development contract to the commissioners for their approval. The $60,000 contract is to Lewis and Kappes, the lobby firm responsible for the boat money for Switzerland County.

Jon Bond also informed the commissioners that the three-phase electric is not on yet in the building at the Markland Park. This is the county-owned building that was used previously as the food pantry. Therefore, the new company cannot start its business until this is completed, which should be soon.

Commissioner Josh South requested that Bond turn a quarterly expense statement to the commissioners, which was agreed to.

The commissioners also received news on a grant to help with repairs to a county road.

Bernie Hauersperger of the engineering firm FPBH informed the commissioners that a USDA grant for $84,931 had been given to Switzerland County for repair work on Popcorn Ridge.

Parham Construction was awarded the contract in a previous meeting. The original cost of the job was $109,910 with the county responsible for paying $24,979 after the USDA grant was applied to the total.

Parham Construction was given an additional $13, 489 to repair an area where a slippage had occurred. This was not in the original scope of work but will be a change order to the contract. Parham was also granted an additional 10 days over the original scope of work to complete the project.


Other items on the agenda included:

- Switzerland County Emergency Medical Services executive director Randy See presented the 2015 EMS contract to the commissioners.

Josh South ask that a quarterly expense report be included in the contract. This will be included and the commissioners agreed to sign it.

– Markland Pike is still in need of repair due to the road slippage. The Switzerland County Highway Department will fix the problem.

- Carolyn Miller presented a Cemetery Board update. She informed the commissioners that there was an opening on the board and that Cindy Barnes volunteered for it. The commissioners approved the appointment.

– Peg Ehlers made a request to place a sign on the TEC Building. She said that the sign was needed to inform the public that the extension office was there. This request was approved.

– The commissioners will run the ad in the paper again for anyone interested in serving on a county board. They were given the letter of resignation from tourism board member Bernie Gaudin.

– The commissioners passed a sidearm ordinance. Under the new ordinance, the commissioners will present a county law enforcement officer with his sidearm upon retirement after serving 20 years.

– The commissioners approved a request from the wife of an officer. She said he is leaving the sheriff’s office and would like to buy his revolver for him. She will pay the full replacement value of a new gun.

– The Jack Sullivan building will remain open during snow emergencies to serve lunch as usual even if the courthouse is closed.

- A request was made from the courthouse employees. They would like to have the day after Christmas off with pay. The commissioners did not grant the request.

– The final meeting of the year will be held December 29th and is open to the public.

- Rosemary Bovard