Colen wins primary


The only contested race in the the Rising Sun City Election was the democratic race for Precinct 1 City Councilman.

Veteran candidate Francis ‘Swede’ Colen defeated first-timer Jim McDaniel, Jr., by a count of 273 to 161 in the citywide election, including 76-33 among Precinct 1 voters.

There were 109 of 392 voters from the home precinct. Colen has resided in the precinct for many years while McDaniel is relatively new.

McDaniel has been serving on council in place of Jillian Nead. Colen has served as Ohio County Sheriff and was candidate for sheriff in Switzerland and Ohio County in the past two general elections.

There were no contested republican races.

Unopposed on the democratic ballot were: Rae Baker Gipson, clerk treasurer 317; Dennis Bun Radcliff, at-large, 278; and John Rumsey, Precinct 3, 283.