Coding Camp helps students gain knowledge of coding skills


On Thursday, December 29th, a Coding Camp was held at the Education Center of Rising Sun for children currently in the 2nd through the 5th grades.

It was taught by Trisha Myers, who was assisted by Debbie Thomason and Ethan Myers. Nine campers attended.

The curriculum used for the camp was provided by Code.Org, an organization dedicated to providing computer education. The purpose of the camp was to teach beginner coding skills to children, and to get them interested in the engineering and technology aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

The class started off with some “unplugged” activities. Students learned some computer terminology and discovered how using code is more efficient than long written instructions. They wrote “code” to guide others through puzzles. Then, algorithms were used to build paper airplanes.

Once these concepts were understood, students logged on to the computers and started writing programs with blocks of code. Sequences, looping, and debugging were all covered in the course.

The class ended with a debugging relay race, in which two teams competed to see which could code a maze puzzle the fastest without making any mistakes.

The students had a great time and are looking forward to Coding II camp in March. Coding II will be a continuation of Coding I, and will feature conditionals, binary, events, nested loops, and Internet security.

For information on our STEM programs, please call Trish Myers at (812) 584-1836 or (812) 438-2437.

– Trisha Myers