Clay Meyer, Eagle Scout


Clay Meyer of Switzerland County Boy Scout Troop #741 has earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Eagle Scout is the highest attainable rank through the Boy Scouts of America, and Clay Meyer worked towards the rank for six years.

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout requires that a Boy Scout pass many requirements; and also help the community with several service projects.

Clay Meyer’s Eagle Scout service project consisted of restoration, preservation, and improvement of some of the outdoor facilities at the Switzerland County YMCA. He also participated in service projects at Jennings Park, Markland Dam Park, and the Switzerland County Historical Museum. He also volunteered time at the Switzerland County “Relay for Life” and numerous veterans programs.

Clay Meyer has also taken part in Boy Scout activities from here to the Pacific Coast; from Arizona to Northern Washington. Activities included: rock climbing, caving, biking, rappelling, mountain climbing, camping, fishing, rifle and shotgun shooting, canoeing, sailing, and swimming.

His lifeguard experience through Boy Scouts has led to his current job as a lifeguard at the Switzerland County YMCA; and he also works on several landscaping jobs and as a parttime farmhand.

In school, the junior is a member of the cross country, basketball, and track teams; and is a member of the National Honor Society.

The Boy Scout program helps teach boys the long-honored codes of morality on which this country was founded. The program uses outdoor survival, exploration, and physical activity to teach independence, confidence, teamwork, and a sense of community obligation.

Clay Meyer is the son of Bob and Debbie Meyer of near Vevay.