City thankful for road funds, learn of youth ideas for boaters


State Rep. Randy Frye and Senator Chip Perfect were in attendance at the June 2nd Rising Sun City Council meeting where Mayor Brent Bascom thanked them for there work on getting road funding for Rising Sun.

Frye is on the transportation committee where Perfect credited Frye with doing the “heavy lifting.”

Frye attributed bipartisan support for the success of the funding bill. He presented information on changes that have been made and how to use the available funds.

The General Assembly gave INDOT funding. A 10 year plan is being devised and he urged the city to take advantage of the funding every year.

The Senate Bill is a one shot deal, noted Perfect. “The concept is simple but actions are complex,” he added of the new injection of funds of which $41,000 is earmarked for Rising Sun.

“It’s a shot in the arm but missing long term planning (in the senate),” added Perfect.

Frye said the announcement made by INDOT a day earlier showed that INDOT funds will help solve a lifetime problem with SR 156 used by many Ohio Countians. The plan is to move the road which has been patched again and again over the years.

Street commissioner Paul Bovard also thanked Frye for his help, as Frye left the meeting.

Several ordinances were passed 3-0 as council members Bill Marksberry and John Rumsey were unable to attend. Marksberry began chemotherapy for lung cancer while Rumsey recently had brain surgery. Councilmen Dennis Williams, Bud Radcliff and Swede Colen were in agreement with the ordinances, which were approved after suspension of the rules for a first and second reading.

Council passed Resolution 2016-7 to make a special distribution of newly established LOIT (local income tax).

Internal control standards were approved in resolution 2016-8 suggested by state board of accounts for transparency. The Utility Service Board approved it earlier. Also, resolution 2016-9 dealing with materiality handles any incidents of theft or misappropriations.

Clerk treasurer Rae Gipson said those things are being done already but will not be part of the code of ordinances.

Pool passes were approved for full time city and utility employees, council and Utility Service Board.

Rising Sun will use two grants to host an annual meeting in October. Council approved $2000 as a down payment for a cruise on B&B Riverboats.

City planner Mike Northcutt reported the Phase IV riverfront project is nearly complete and the cost was $28,227.64 under budget.

Northcutt’s report showed that property complaints of 301 North High have been taken to Ohio County Circuit Court on May 27.

Jeff Kinnett of 201 North High St., was in attendance to ask for two more weeks to improve his property. At that time Northcutt will inspect and report to council on the progress being made.

Recycling idea is a winner

Debbie Thomason of the Education Center of Rising Sun introduced Ethan Webb and Brady Russell (members of the first place Robotics team in 2015).

Ethan Webb explained the project was a focus on the Ohio River and garbage found around it. Webb reported they noticed there were no trash bins at the boat dock but plenty of dogie bags. The boys devised a plan which would have boaters take and empty trash and recyclables when they return to shore.

Mayor Bascom called the idea simple and practical and said will take the trash bin idea to the Southeastern Indiana Recycling District.

Street closings ere improved including this weeks Balloon Fest at Rising Star Casino. Industrial Access Drive from Smart Drive to Rising Star Drive.

Thsnk yous from the Youth Advisory Board, Lunachicks softball team and Karen Gillard for the Mayor’s Choice sponsorship at the annual QuiltFest.

Chris Robinson had opening prayer.