City ordinance being amended to address abandoned vehicles


Rising Sun City Council heard highlights of Ordinance 2017-5 which amends the current abandoned vehicle ordinance.

The 15 page document reflects changes in state statute since the original Ordinance 1996-1.

City attorney Andy Baudendistel read the definition of abandoned vehicle

The ordinance would not allow a vehicle to be on private property for 14 days without being properly licensed. Vehicles can not be on public property for seven days without being moved. No vehicles can be on private property without consent of the property owner for 48 hours.

An abandoned vehicle also includes dismantled and inoperable on public property.

It included vehicles that have an engine, transmission or differential dismantled or inoperable and left unattended on private property for more than 21 days.

Violators have 30 days to claim their vehicle. A new city abandoned vehicle fund would be set up. The maximum fine would be up to $2000 with $500 for towing and $1500 for storage.

Police Chief David Hewitt said the updated ordinance is “long, long overdue.”

The police will be able to tag the offending vehicles to determine how long.

Additional discussion was held on the golf cart ordinance and the inclusion of side by sides.