City Meat Market opens in Vevay


 In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vevay and Switzerland County has welcomed a new business.

  The City Meat Market is now open at its location on West Main Street in the plaza that includes Dr. Melissa Mefford’s office and the Subway Restaurant. It is being managed by John and Tonya Brown, and is 

  “It’s owned by Ben Davis, the same guy who owns the one in Madison,” John Brown said. “He’s had it down there for about eight years, and it’s going to be the same type of set up here. We have all the fresh cut meats and a variety of frozen fish items. Some lunch meats and a salad case with a bunch of salads; and a ham and cheese case like a deli.”

  Working alongside the Browns is Switzerland County resident Benjie Davis, the son of owner Ben Davis, is also working in the store alongside his wife, Gayle and their daughter, Ashley. The store will be having a grand opening sale beginning today (Thursday).

  “Benjie and his family is the one who had the idea to open a store here,” Brown said.

  John Brown is a native of Muncie, Indiana, and has spent his entire life in the grocery business.

  “I worked for Kroger for 17 years, and I was with Meijer for 12 years; and then I was with Fresh Time Farmers Market for four years; and then a total of about five years with Eric (Rabe) and the IGA.”

  The store is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.