City eliminates wood waiting list


The city of Rising Sun has eliminated its waiting list for wood reported Mayor Brent Bascom at the Rising Sun Board of Works meeting on Thursday, Oct. 27th.

He said the city had tried to manage sharing wood chopped by the city but, although it worked in theory, there were problems.

The wood will now be cut up and taken to the city dump and will be available to anyone on a first come first serve basis.

Resident Bob White had asked about the city’s wood list. “My name was on the bottom of the list three times and at the top three times,”

White said the program has been important for certain people who need the wood as fuel for the winter.

Discussion revolved around safety issues. No wood can be chopped at the dump.

Attorney Andy Baudendistel said, “people who don’t work for the city shouldn’t be wielding axes at the city dump.”

Employees are allowed to take on their own time but not with city owned vehicles. Signs will be posted not responsible for accidents.