City and county funds help in school awards


The Indiana Department of Education invited 133 schools out of 298 districts across Indiana to be honored for dual credit student opportunities.

Rising Sun superintendent Branden Roeder told city and county officials that the school was recognized for being one of the top 16 schools in receiving the silver honor with 53 percent of high school students receiving at least one dual credit in 2015-16.

Last year 20 percent of graduating seniors completed enough dual credits to be finished with the first year of college before stepping on campus.

Roeder credited the city and county for the use of riverboat gaming funds for the General Fund. “It put us on an even playing field,” said Roeder.

Some motivated students could take summer course and get a B.A. in business by the fall at zero dollar cost to the student, according to Roeder.

In addition, the Ohio County Middle School and Rising Sun High School achieved ‘A’ rating for 2016-17..

Enrollment is up 27 students (highest percentage of gain in more than 15 years according to Roeder).

Another big gain has been in the preschool. There were 65 students.

The new biomed course replaced engineering and the school is considering possibly adding Ag and more dual credit opportunities.

Challenges for the school will be the annual budget and the movement to have small schools under 1000 consolidate.