Circuit Court Judge Greg Coy


Things for which I am thankful:

– I am thankful that my wife and my best friend are the same person.

– I am thankful for my son, Derrick and daughter-in-law Kelli for all their success, their new home, and for giving me two wonderful granddaughters, Hayley and Hannah.

– I am thankful for my son, Devin, and how well he is doing in his first year at Indiana University.

– I am thankful for my daughter, Erika, and for all the accomplishments she has had in life, and for all the accomplishments she will continue to have.

- I am thankful for my sister, Gail. It has been a really tough year, but thanks to her support and understanding, I am getting through it.

– I am thankful for y niece, Alison and her husband, Ben, and their new son, Eli.

- I am thankful that I got to have my mom around for almost 53 years of my life.

– I am thankful for having the best job a person can have, and for getting to work with four, wonderful, dedicated people.


– I am thankful to live in a community where people look out for and care for each other. Where, when people say “how ya doin’?”, it’s an actual question, not a greeting, and we can all enjoy the simple things in live, even if it’s just sharing our memories of a white goat called ‘Fred’.

– Greg Coy,

Switzerland County

Circuit Court Judge